MoonPay / Buy, Sell, Swap: 3 products, 1 mobile SDK 📲
Buy, Sell, Swap: 3 products, 1 mobile SDK 📲

Buy, Sell, Swap: 3 products, 1 mobile SDK 📲

We're thrilled to announce the full release of our Mobile SDK, which allows developers to embed crypto buying, selling and swapping functionality on their apps with minimal effort.

With the Mobile SDK, users will be able to enjoy the convenience of purchasing, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies directly within their favorite mobile applications.

Besides the React Native SDK developers now have access to native iOS and Android versions of the Mobile SDK. For iOS integrations, comprehensive documentation can be found here, and for Android integrations you can access the detailed documentation here.

(cover image by DALL-E 2, "digital art about documentation explaining how to use a mobile smartphone, using cold colours and mainly purple")

New & Improved

  • Improved theming on Widget SDK: You can now add your brand logo to the widget using the SDK. Together with custom fonts, you can now fully customize the widget to your branding.
  • NFT checkout is available in New York: Embrace the world of digital art and collectibles with ease as you explore and purchase NFTs through our platform, right from the heart of New York.

Aug 16th, 2023